Lebassis Graphic Designer Business Card

Lebassis designed these business cards for his personal branding as a letterer and graphic designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lebassis’s business cards are super catchy, especially the holographic logo that is bound to capture people’s attention due to its edgy, dynamic and energetic vibe. The lettering was done by Lebassis himself using two types of fonts: Favorit and Doyle.

Rotating the cards and you will be able to see the spectacular holographic effect on the cards:

The contact details side of the card looks random at first, but once you are familiar with it you will start to appreciate its creative arrangement.

These business cards were beautifully printed by Dot Studio on 500gsm Senses Sable Black paper stock. The cards were applied with holographic + neon pink foil stamping, blind debossing and finally, the holographic edges for that maximum impact!

Overall, it’s a modern and stylish business card design for someone who wishes to leave a lasting impression.

lebassis card designlebassis business cardslebassis card edgesLebassis card_frontlebassis holographic edges

Designed by Lebassis

Printed by Dot Studio

For Lebassis personal branding

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