Leah Wolff Lettering Artist Business Card

Leah Wolff designed these business cards for her self-branding as a lettering artist and stationery designer based in NYC.

When asked about her design process, Leah replied, “I designed these cards for myself. Whenever I’m designing for myself and my own branding, I find it so hard to decide on one look. I know that my branding will keep changing and morphing over time so it’s hard for me to commit to one style (I’m also just a very indecisive person in general, so it’s really a lose-lose…). Instead of fighting that indecisiveness, I decided to embrace it for my business cards.”

That was clearly a smart decision as Leah’s business cards turned out to be outstanding, memorable and match her style perfectly!


“My branding is now an array of my different hand lettering styles – I don’t have one single logo, I just choose from the many lettering styles I have for each specific application. For my business cards, I wanted to contrast two different lettering pairings on the front and back – one more elegant and feminine, one more playful.”

“I wanted the colour to reflect that contrast as well, so I inverted the brick red and light pink on each side. As a letterer and calligrapher, I wanted my hand lettering to be forefront, and I think these cards accomplished that.”

These business cards were printed by Moo using Cotton Business Cards.

“I love the texture and natural feel of the cotton, and they’re 100% recycled paper which is important to me. Being in the stationery business, I try to think about recycling, reusing, and my footprint as much as possible,” Leah said.

With the right idea and perspective, not only the cards look incredible but they represent what Leah believed in when it comes to preserving the environment.


Designed by Leah Wolff Design

Printed by MOO

For Leah Wolff personal branding

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