La Huerta Vieja Restaurant Business Card

La Huerta Vieja business cards

Estudio Línea designed these business cards for La Huerta Vieja, a restaurant located in La Rioja Alavesa specialized in events, mainly weddings.

Estudio Línea managed the rebranding project including its visual identity, illustration, web design and other collaterals.

“The objective of the rebranding was to update the restaurant’s image and create a more attractive identity for its target audience,” said Elena Uribarri González, the Graphic Designer at Estudio Línea.

La Huerta Vieja menu boxLa Huerta Vieja logo

Logo Design & Illustration

According to Elena, the design inspiration was based on old wooden fruit and wine boats, which is why the wood texture is incorporated into the logo itself. Likewise, wood texture can be seen throughout other visual communications, such as menus and letters.

Speaking of the business card design, she continued, “The business card was designed to express a rustic aesthetic, related to fruits, vegetables and raw products. It is accompanied by illustrations of fruits and vegetables to enhance the traditional character of the new visual identity.”

Typography & Colours

The typography used for the logotype is Poplar Std, a perfect fit for a simple, artistic branding that’s nature/wood-themed. As for the colour palette, it was mainly inspired by earth (farming) tones, accompanied by the colours of fruits and vegetables.


These business cards were digitally-printed on Kraft cardboard by Estudios Uriarte, a printing company in Vitoria Gasteiz.

La Huerta Vieja business cardLa Huerta Vieja illustration--winesLa Huerta Vieja illustration-menuLa Huerta Vieja illustration-dessertsLa Huerta Vieja menuLa Huerta Vieja web design

Designed by Estudio Línea

Printed by Estudios Uriarte

For La Huerta Vieja

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