KUOSE Business Card

Kuose business cards

Andrés Higueros designed these business cards for KUOSE, a girl clothing brand based in China that has been established for more than ten years. Kuose designs unique styles for girls aged 16-25.

“Part of the requirements of the project was to give a youngness feel to the brand. So, the new proposal for Kouse consists of a new bold and condensed typography for the logo that reflects this sociable, friendly, modern and dynamic side of the brand,” Andrés said.

Kuose logotype

Kuose sign
“I used NORD typography from VJ Type for the logo. For the icon proposal, I designed a cat as a mascot for the brand that represents this friendliness and girly side of the brand. The main idea was to create an icon that becomes your new best friend.”

Kuose icon
The pastel colours are a perfect match to the dark blue background. Plus, the bold logotype (font) with a white background creates a nice contrast to the overall business card design.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The idea is to have this holographic print finished on the icon on a couché paper,” Andrés suggested.

Kuose stationeryKuose tagsKuose t-shirtKuose pins

Designed by Andrés Higueros


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