Koken Eten Catering Business Card

koken eten business card

Maxime Yde designed these business cards for Koken.eten, a catering and take-away dishes spot owned by Sarah Polfliet.

“Sarah wanted something different, something that would stand out, something a bit bold,” Maxime said. “We were inspired by the bold colours used for many Japanese graphic designs: bright blue on white, red on white, dark green on white etc. We quickly opted for the use of royal blue on bright white, which is also used on the facade of the business. This would give us an interesting clash of colours to work with.”

koken.eten logo


Explaining the inspiration for the logo, she continued, “I always go very minimal and here, I wanted to clarify the chore of ‘koken.eten’: a cooking pan (being Sarah, the chef) and fork & knife (being the customers). I wanted to make it stand out even more by using the royal blue as the main colour instead of white.”

To complete the brand identity, Maxime also designed the customer cards, a gift certificate, invoice, the packaging, the branding elements in the shop itself and the website. “It all had to be a whole. And for the grand opening, we made a quirky invitation – wooden fork, knife and spoon were transformed by the use of simple stamp to a 3D invitation.”

koken eten stationery
These business cards were printed by Plek & Pedaal, a local printing company in Ghent, Belgium.

“We were very quickly convinced that we wanted to use the Colorplan Royal Blue papers for the business cards – white on blue. White hotfoil with letterpress on Colorplan paper gave a sharp result,” Maxime added.

koken eten business cardkoken eten


Designed by Maxime Yde at Studio Waaij

Printed by Plek & Pedaal

For Koken.eten

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