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Emma Mitcheson designed these business cards for Karolina Creative, a wedding photographer based in Australia.

“Lauren Karoline runs her amazing wedding photography business called, Karolina Creative,” Emma said.

“Her mission is to share her passion for photography by capturing the little things about people.”

Lauren helps her client to remember beautiful moments on their special and most memorable day.

“Showing love that lasts forever, represented through a couple’s joy, personality and most of all happiness,” Emma added.

The business card is designed to reflect a joyous, positive vibe.


The clever use of abstract pattern on the back of the card reminds us of celebrations and precious times with loved ones.

Not to mention, the colours are a nice match to Lauren’s brand as well!

Speaking of her design inspiration, Emma continued, “Lauren was very inspired by bright and happy colours when it came to discussing her branding.”

“I really wanted that amazing personality that she demonstrates in her photography to shine through and use that throughout the branding design.”

Emma used abstract shapes and patterns to help represent the different emotions and feelings that Lauren creates with her work.

“As for the typography, we use this sans serif font called Enriq that adds more of a sophisticated and clean look, yet still slightly rough and sits nicely alongside the abstract shapes.”

The client handled the card-printing herself. Even so, Emma did share with us her printing suggestions, “I recommend that the cards to be printed with a silk/satin finish.”


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Designed by Emma Mitcheson at Brunch Club Studio

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For Karolina Creative

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