Karim Fayad Psychotherapist Business Card

The Branding People designed these business cards for Karim Fayad, a psychotherapist based in Mexico City focused in human development.

The design objective was to create an identity that reflected Karim’s personality and his way of thinking/working.

“We developed a graphic path based on terracotta colors to represent the roots and connections of the human being with the planet Earth, complementing this with a navy blue color to represent safety and serenity,” explained Ricardo Viramontes, the Director and Founder of the studio.

The logo on the card is created from the initials of the client himself – the letter K and F – to form a circular icon, and is complemented by a sans serif and medium weight typography in order to express firmness and a young hearted brand.

These business cards were printed on cotton papers by Imprenta Floresmeyer, located in Mexico City.


Designed by The Branding People

Printed by Imprenta Floresmeyer

For Karim Fayad

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