Kalma Design Studio Business Card

Kalma Studio business card

Veronika Ilina designed these business cards for a design studio called Kalma Studio.

“Kalma Studio is a design studio that works with entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses who need stronger brand design to reach the next level; they create brands that tell a story,” Veronika said.

Veronika likes to apply simplicity and elegance in her design, including modern colours and typography. That’s exactly what she did in this minimalist yet stylish design.

Kalma Studio_business card
“I prefer pastel colours with some extra bright accents but extremely simple. The typeface I used is called Luam Light.”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, here’s what Veronika recommended, “I am crazy about cotton heavy business cards and I suggest these cards to be printed on some lux paper.”

Kalma Studio business cardsKalma Studio_business cards

Designed by Veronika Ilina

For Kalma Studio


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