Kaimana Beach Hotel Business Card

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Welcome Stranger designed these business cards for Kaimana Beach Hotel, Waikiki’s only boutique property located directly on the sand.

Kaimana Beach Hotel was built in 1963 on Oahu’s iconic Gold Coast. In February 2021, the hotel officially revealed its new brand identity to coincide with a large-scale hotel renovation, embodying a “beach-chic” aesthetic.

“The brand name, Kaimana, actually means ‘diamond’ in Hawaiian. So, the brand subtly references the gemstone through the facets and foil techniques. The overall intention was to convey the barefoot luxury of old Hawaii,” explained Jesse Arneson, the Creative Director of Welcome Stranger.

Kaimana hotel business cards


Logo Design & Bevelled Card Shape

The Kaimina’s logo was based on a vintage copper sign on the property that was constructed for the hotel since its opening. This gives the logo a distinct retro look.

The background of the business card is a striking and fun pattern that looks like the facets of a diamond!

Besides that, the shape of the business card is also unique.


“The choice to add the bevelled corners on the card was inspired by the facets on gemstones since Kaimana means diamond in Hawaiian,” Jesse explained.

Green tones dominate the design to reference the crisp turquoise waters of Waikiki.

These business cards were offset-printed on Favini Contact Pack Bright White, duplexed and die cut by Print Peppermint.

“The back of the cards feature screened PMS colors in addition to a clear foil that gives the appearance of diamond facets,” Jesse said.


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Designed by Welcome Stranger

Printed by Print Peppermint

For Kaimana Beach Hotel

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