Justine Lindsay Food Chef Business Card

Justine lindsay food chef business cards

Sarah Tarr designed these business cards for Justine Lindsay, an internationally-esteemed chef who has now built up her own eponymous food and lifestyle brand, Justine Lindsay Food.

“Originating from South Africa and having been the long time private chef to many big names around the world, Justine’s career has been centred around travel,” Sarah said.

“Through this, we focused our design process around paying tribute to her South African roots as well as her travelling lifestyle which she has grown to love.”

“As it is a personal brand, we used hand-sketched imagery of the South African Strelitzia flower and Blue Crane accompanied by sketches of the Skua Seabird, which known for its travelling patterns and is a personal favourite of Justine’s.”

“As a textural element to Justine’s brand, we included a dark slate which is used as the signature serving platters to her cuisine.”

“Overall, we wanted Justine’s brand to really demonstrate her professionalism and worldly career, while still offering a great connection to her love of travel and South Africa.”



The Printing of Business Cards

These cards were printed by various South Africa based companies.

According to Sarah, “For printing, we conceptualized using very textured cards that added a bit more to their overall appearance.”

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“Using a heavily weighted, textured card we translated the essence of the beautiful slate stone.”

“As texture plays a big part in food too, we wanted the grain of the card to relate to the intricacies of Justine’s dishes and add more intrigue to her brand.”

This is a beautiful monochromatic business card design that’s both graceful and elegant.

Thanks to Sarah’s creativity, Justine’s brand is well presented and recognized through the enhancement of artistic lettering and illustrations.


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Designed by Sarah Tarr of PardonMay Visual Studio

For Justine Lindsay Food

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