IGNA Architecture Business Card

IGNA business cards

Walter Mattos and Iure Figueira designed these business cards for IGNA, an architectural company owned by Ricardo Pamplona, an architect who’s specialized in functional and automated solutions for residential and commercial projects.

According to Walter, the brand name, IGNA, was created from the principle that an architectural project has the role of raising structures in their physical state and elevating human beings in their emotional state.

IGNA conceptIGNA wall

“The logotype was inspired by geometric shapes such as the triangle, circle and the square,” Walter explained.

“We considered those to be the bases of any architectural project, and we decided to include the line (segment) as a complement for the shapes.”

“The logo was designed from scratch. As the logo uses basic geometric shapes, it is able to refer to architectural constructions such as buildings, houses or even decoration products, such as frames etc.”

Here’s a representation of the name IGNA:


IGNAIGNA logo versions

“As for the colour palette, it was inspired by the raw materials used in Ricardo Pamplona’s work. Elements such as sand, marble and concrete guided the choosing of the colours.”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “I imagined the cards to be printed on medium thick paper, like 350gsm,” Walter suggested.

“The business cards should have some kind of texture for that tactile experience when touched. I would not consider any kind of finish like metal or varnish. It should be raw.”

IGNA card constructionIgna_ID4IGNA_Cores_BIGNA business cardIGNA stationeryIGNA Posters

Designed by Walter Mattos (Design Direction) and Iure Figueira (Co-worker, Designer)


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