Hyptonic Events Manager Business Card

Hyptonic business card

Stayc Sinclair designed these business cards for Hyptonic, an events management studio that infuses party planning with their own signature cocktail mix ranges.

The business card design is created for the director, Janetta Gallow. It is part of the identity for a fun, quirky brand that takes making cocktails seriously.

Speaking of the typography used in the branding project, Stayc said, “For the front side of the card, I used a psychedelic, pastel texture that not only reflects modern day cocktail-making but also complements Hyptonics’ fun and quirky nature.

“I placed the logo on the front and center in black for full emphasis.”

Hyptonic businesscard


“On the reverse side, the name display font that I used is Halogen Black. Halogen is a contemporary, extended sans that exudes style and swagger. For the body copy, I used the trusty Helvetica Medium.”

“To finish off, I placed Hyptonic’s sub mark in the top right hand corner. Overall, we wanted to go for a futuristic stylized card that was simple yet intriguing.”

These business cards were printed by Copirite in Bundall, Gold Coast. According to Stayc, the cards were printed on a thick 500 GSM matte stock to reflect quality and longevity.

“Originally, we were going to go with a metallic finish on the front but this exceeded the client’s budget and time frame,” she said.

Hyptonic business cardsHyptonic stationery2Hyptonic stationery3

Hyptonic stationery

Designed by Stayc Sinclair at Bona Fide Design Co

Printed by Copirite

For Hyptonic

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