Gulley’s Pickle Business Card

Gulleys business card

Titus Smith designed these business cards for Gulley’s, New England’s new premium pickle provider owned by Anthony Gulizia.

Anthony pickles vegetables as a means to make ends meet while not writing exclusive sports stories for some of the world’s biggest media outlets.

“Anthony approached me about creating a logo for his pickle venture. After tasting one of his Hot Sticks™ I knew I couldn’t resist,” Titus said.

gulleys_pickle jars
Titus handled the branding project from start to finish, including naming, branding, packaging, illustration, print and other collateral items (Pickle Rodent T-shirt).

“I spent a few weeks researching pickling companies,

“What do they do?”

“How do they do it?”

“Why are all the mascots pickles?”

“Why are the pickle mascots eating pickles?”

“Does that mean all pickles are cannibals?”

“Am I in over my head?”

and several late-nights coming up with the design system. I grabbed a couple of typefaces from and slapped them on some jar prototypes. It was an obvious fit,” Titus said.

“The mascot was born when I realized that an anthropomorphic ambiguous animal would be the perfect spokesperson for Gulley’s – he’s edgy, quick and loud. Just like a pickle.”

Titus created and printed these business cards all by himself: layout, printing, measuring, cutting and proofing.

“I used Pink Lemonade Muscletone from French Paper. My inkjet printer handled the front/back printing extremely well,” he said.


It’s an outstanding DIY branding project that’s not only able to capture the brand’s essence but stand out from the crowd as well!


Designed by Titus Smith

Printed by Titus Smith

For Gulley’s

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