Golden Gate Doula Business Card

Golden Gate Doula business cards

Karlie Svebakken designed these business cards for Golden Gate, a doula lead generation marketing agency based in San Francisco.

The business card design is bold and exudes a cheerful yet sophisticated personality! It has a unique design that sets the brand apart from typical doula brand styles.

“Golden Gate wanted their friendly personality to shine through, while also staying in touch with their business’s professionalism,” Karlie said.


Logo Design

“The primary logo was an upgraded variation of the original design, but the rest were completely made from scratch during our project.”

“The client wanted to highlight their location in San Francisco, like they do in their name – Golden Gate Doula Associates.”

“So, I made sure to include elements of the Golden Gate Bridge throughout all of their designs, trying to creatively involve images of the bridge in many of their logos.”

Golden Gate Doula logo


Retro and Bold Typography

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Ganiser, Grand Hotel, and Abeezee.

“When working with the client, I found that a lot of their desires for the brand were to bring in a retro feel, a lot of character, and bold designs,” Karlie explained.

“The Ganiser font was perfect to use as the main title font, as it’s a bold, san serif display font that still has lots of unique characteristics to the letters.”

“I also loved that it came in two styles – rough and regular – so I was able to provide multiple styles of logos that either included rough, grainy texture or was smooth.”

“I chose Grand Hotel for their script / header / accent font because it had a friendly, retro personality that still stayed professional.”

“I was also able to utilize that font to bring a lot of movement into their logo designs.”

“Finally, I utilized the Abeezee font for their body font because it’s a simple, easy-to-read sans serif body font that still had unique details here and there.”

Golden Gate Doula website


Large Font Pattern Design

Karlie even created a striking pattern design using large font that will no doubt, capture people’s attention as soon as they see the cards.

“Sometimes you just want something unique and eye-catching.” She remarked.

“Positioning the logo to create the large-font look on the back of the card allowed to bring in lots of movement from the Grand Hotel font, while still being able to recognize what it is.”

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“I found it more interesting than just placing the logo perfectly in the center.” – And we couldn’t agree more!

Another deign worthy of mention is the quirky line-art pattern with the hidden pregnancy illustrations used in the brand collaterals. How creative!

Golden Gate Doula pattern


A Bold Color Palette

Green tones and yellow are the main colours used in the business card design, with brown and pink as the perfect additions to make the design more intriguing.

Karlie shared that they really leaned hard into the mid-century-bold type of style with the color palette.

“Not only does this make their brand personality pop compared to the typical doula design style, but it also perfectly matches the style of their in-person office.”

“I found that with their previous logos and color palette, there was a disconnect between what their brand was portraying versus what they were going for in their physical building.”

“A lot of the colors were inspired by the colors found in their community center.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed yet, but if they were, Karlie suggested having them printed on a thicker, glossy paper style.

“Not only would this make them more durable, but it would also bring out the professionalism of the company and make the fun color palette shine.”

“I would also print them with colored edges, preferably the red-ish berry color in the palette.”

“This is a fun accent color that would make the business cards pop just a little bit more.”


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Designed by Karlie Svebakken

For Golden Gate Doula Associates

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