Giulia Ponti Business Card

Giulia Ponti designed these business cards for her self-branding as a graphic designer from Como, Italy.

“I’m a student of visual communication. I create graphics, brand identities and illustrations,” Giulia said. “For this project, I was a client to myself since I decided to create my personal branding and, as every graphic designer knows, working for yourself is always harder but I wanted to challenge myself.”

Giulia Ponti_logo and pattern


Speaking of the inspiration behind her logo, Giulia said, “I thought about something simple and geometric because of my passion for minimal design. I wanted it to represent me as a person but also my passion and creativity as a graphic designer.”

“The creativity is represented from the moment when I designed the project, in this case the letter ‘g’ – first letter of my name. I wanted it to be unique and represent myself, this is the reason why I haven’t used a font, but created a new one.”

Giulia Ponti logo
“My graphic passion is represented by the Bezier curves which are a graphic tool. The two circles are both a symbol of construction and an image of simplicity and minimalism.”

The font Giulia used is called Comfortaa. She has chosen a rounded font to bring out the round shape and geometry of the logo.

Giulia Ponti logo2
“I decided to focus on the themes of geometrics and minimalism by using simple illustrations that add a sense of movement and fluidity to my business cards while maintaining their unity. This makes the brand look more fun and friendly to the customer.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would print them on paper with an engraving texture,” she suggested.

Giulia Ponti business cards

Giulia Ponti resume

Designed by Giulia Ponti

For Giulia Ponti personal branding

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