GISFOR Motion Designer Business Card

Gisfor business cards

Osvaldo Sine designed these business cards for GISFOR, a motion designer.

The client, George Sosa, is a graphic designer who’s passionate about the world of motion graphics and 3D. Although simple, the overall visual identity has a bold and modern vibe to it.

Gisfor logoGisfor logo animation

When asked about the inspiration behind the logo design, Osvaldo said, “The concept of the logo was born from a phrase said by us, ‘With the eye on the Key Frame’. Therefore, we combined the eye with the most used function in animation – Easy Ease.”

Both ‘key frame’ and ‘easy ease’ are jargons/features that frequently used when it comes to motion graphics. It’s clever to incorporate them in the client’s branding to express his profession and expertise.

The brand identity consists of a primary logo and a wordmark created from the typeface, Lexend Mega. Apart from that, two tones of red colours were used in the visual identity in which GISFOR is strongly identified and represented of his personality.

These business cards were printed by Copymte, a printing company located in Santo Domingo.


Gisfor business cardsGisfor packagingGisfor keyframeGisfor t-shirtsGisfor capGisfor bagsGisfor brandingGisfor pins

Designed by Osvaldo Sine

Animation by George Sosa

Printed by Copymte


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