Gary Hill Architect Business Card

Gary Hill business cards

Juliana Ross designed these business cards for Gary Hill, a landscape architect.

“The studio provides such services as the design of gardens and residential areas, as well as the planning and placement of walkways, flowers, shrubs and trees within these environments.” Juliana explained when asked the background of her client’s business.

Gary Hill business card
Embracing the minimalist approach, the logo is a thoughtful and catchy one! Speaking of the inspiration behind it, Juliana said, “The logo is a minimal monogram, with its double-lined letters drawing inspiration from basic themes: trees, nature and architecture.”

These business cards are not printed but according to Juliana, “They are supposed to have embossed letters and an embossed square on the right-hand side that provides a space for notes.” A space to leave some notes – now that’s a creative and clever idea!

Gary Hill business cardsGary Hill stationery

Designed by Juliana Ross

For Gary Hill

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