Flutterby Children Clothing Business Card

Flutterby business cards

Angélica Porfirio designed these business cards for Flutterby, a children’s clothing brand.

Flutterby’s business card is designed to portray a playful world full of colours, movement and imagination. Something that brings freedom and shows that kids can communicate their unique personality through Flutterby brand.

Flutterby branding2

Flutterby branding1
“The name, Flutterby, is also a childish play on the way to say butterfly, so it’s something that kids can instantly relate with. Having that in mind, I focused on the colourful butterflies as the main illustrations and I mixed them with some other ‘flutter’ elements across different materials,” Angélica said.

The logo can be displayed in three different styles, combined with hand drawn illustrations and animated lookbooks. The typography used in the visual identity is Raleway. According to Angélica, the idea of having a modern and simple display type brings a contrast when surrounded with the free hand drawing illustrations.

“Also, the ligature between ‘F’ and ‘L’ is a final touch that brings smoothness to the logomark and makes it more playful.”

Flutterby logo Flutterby colour palette


The colours used for the brand are strong, positive and able to communicate with all genders and ages.

These business cards have not been printed yet. Speaking of the possible printing outcome, Angélica shared, “These cards would be printed using a pantone palette to keep the colours vibrant; and a matte finish to give them a more polished and contemporary look.”

“The rounded corners keep the brand consistent by using organic shapes. Also, they give the cards a friendly appearance,” she added.

Overall, this is a fun and impressive business card design that’s not easily forgotten!

Flutterby business cardFlutterby boxes & tagsFlutterby packaging2Flutterby packaging1

Flutterby packaging4Flutterby productsFlutterby tote bagFlutterby tags
Flutterby packaging5

Designed by Angélica Porfirio

For Flutterby

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