Filippos Fragkogiannis Graphic Designer Business Card

Filippos Fragkogiannis designed these business cards for his self-branding as a graphic designer based in Athens.

“My visual identity consists of letterhead, envelope, tote bag and business card. Attempting to achieve pure simplicity and emphasis on structure, this visual language is based on the initials of my name, F.F. and has a high level of adaptability,” Filippos said.

“My main inspiration comes from the contemporary request for clarity and sincerity in design and communication. I used the Monument Grotesk Regular typeface by Dinamo Typefaces as I wanted to convey my straightforward personality and my non-decorative approach to design; providing all the necessary information for a potential client to contact me.”

These business cards were printed on white velvet paper 350g, covered with a matte finished plastic film by Macart in Greece. The card size is 8.5×5.5cm.

Designed by Filippos Fragkogiannis

Bio: Filippos is an Athens based graphic designer whose focus lies on typography, print design, and visual identity. His research and practice revolve around the semantics, symbolism, and structure of visual language. 


Printed by Macart

For Filippos Fragkogiannis personal branding

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