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Ellington business cards

Helene Vetik designed these business cards for Ellington, a print and production company based in Estonia and Finland. It produces all sorts of print materials in all possible techniques from silkscreen to digital printing.

The design concept was inspired by the idea of ‘looking with your hands’.

Ellington card_foiling

ellington_business card

“There’s one value that online media can never deliver, it’s called ‘the touch and feel’. The world of print and production gives you a physical experience – the ability to ‘look’ at an object with your own hands, feel the materials with your fingers – experience both visual and tangible worlds. That’s what the Ellington design is all about, pursuing the connection of look and touch,” Helene explained.

The business cards are filled with interesting colour combinations and eye illustrations that will make people look twice – all eyes on Ellington!

Ellington printed these business cards themselves. According to Helene, the business cards were produced in a simple digital print, but with very precise CMYK colour measures in order to spike that blue tone as much as possible.

“The main eye catcher is the ‘eye’ shape that was created via die cut,” Helene added.

Ellington business cardEllington_businesscards

ellington branding ellington branding3Ellington compliment card Ellington silk paper_compliment cards

Designed and Photography by Helene Vetik at Hmmm Studio

Printed by Ellington Print & Production

For Ellington Print & Production

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