Elena Vargas Interior Designer Business Card

Elena Vargas business_cards

Mónyca Montes and Irene Pérez designed these business cards for Elena Vargas, an interior designer who loves minimalism and neutral tones.

Speaking of the design process, Mónyca and Irene said, “For all our projects, we first look at other similar brands to know the different existing design lines and to be able to create something different for our client that reflects the values of their brand.”

“We create an inspirational mood board and then, we start to compose the elements like shapes, colours, typographies etc.”

Elena Vargas logoElena Vargas logo variations
For the business card design, Mónyca and Irene chose organic elements in harmony with the base design, enhanced with neutral tones to reinforce the personality of the brand and the sector to which it belongs. According to them, the illustration is botanic and the colour palette has neutral, earth and salmon tones.

“The typography used in the visual identity is Nomark, and for the pattern we chose organic lines,” Mónyca and Irene said.

These business cards were printed on heavyweight matte paper by 360imprimir.

Elena Vargas business_cardsElena Vargas label design

Designed by Mónyca Montes & Irene Pérez at Monné Design

Printed by 360imprimir

For Elena Vargas personal branding

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