EDSI Security Business Card

EDSI business card1

Georgia Braun Hutchison designed these business cards for EDSI, a company specializing in electrical, data and security installation based in Australia.

The client approached Georgia for the branding project including designing the logo and business cards.

EDSI logo
“I chose neon green to reflect the ‘data’ and ‘digital’ aspect of the business. I wanted the cards to be bright to the point where they themselves almost appeared to be powered/illuminated,” Georgia explained.

“The logo is a sphere to reflect the ‘all encompassing’ of what EDSI is able to do. I also wanted to keep the ‘tech’ look and based the lines off a motherboard/computer chip.”

The green line extended from the logo to the front of the card, where all the necessary info and contact details can be found.

EDSI business cards
These business cards were printed on thick juicy heavy 540gsm cards by a printing company in Prahran, Melbourne.

“The cards were printed with neon Pantone, including its edges, and finished with velvet lamination on both sides,” Georgia said.

EDSI business cardEDSI business_cardEDSI Magnet

Designed by Georgia Braun Hutchison at Georgia Lee Design



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