Eden Beauty Business Card

eden business card

Alina Razuvaeva designed these business cards for Eden, a beauty shop and distributor of leading cosmetic brands in hair care based in Russia.

Eden’s goal is to provide professional approach and natural ingredients as the source of its client’s beauty.

“The design was inspired by the company’s products (which are mainly hair products), that are designed to give a glow to hair and skin due to a moderate balance of natural ingredients,” Alina said.

According to Alina, the business card design is a combination of natural smooth shapes and colours with the effect of radiance and vibration.

“The aim of the design was to create an object that’s comfortable to the eye.”

eden business card_1


Logo Design

Eden’s logo was inspired by the brand name itself, with the letter ‘e’ been modified into a lady silhouette, expressing a feminine image.

“The icon in the logo repeats the shape of the letter ‘E’ as a curl. This icon is the brand symbol, it contains the main promise of the brand: to make you a beauty,” Alina explained.

Eden logo construction_1

Typography & Colours

The typeface used for the logo is called Elephant (font) whereas the rest of the information on the business card is written with Circe (font).

Adding a leaf to the logotype is also a nice touch to portray an organic/nature vibe for the brand.

Eden logo_1Eden colours_1


As for the colours – beige, grey and green – each represents glow, moderation and nature respectively.

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards would be printed with embossing and gold foil,” Alina suggested.

eden business cardsEden bag

Designed by Alina Razuvaeva

For Eden

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