Declara Fashion Business Card

Declara business card

Yeraz Gokbas designed these business cards for Declara, a couture fashion brand from Istanbul, Turkey that was founded in 2019.

Yeraz managed the branding project including designing the logo, packaging, business cards and other collaterals.

“The designs of the brand emphasize power and elegance through the usage of vibrant colours. Declara’s initial collection featured colourful and eclectic swimwear pieces inspired by mermaids. The brand continues in the same fun direction in its more recent collections,” Yeraz said.

Declara branding

Logo, Colours & Typography

The logo features an arch with an eye inside, which stands for the sun while the waves represent the sea. According to Yeraz, the logo is an ode to summer and all the colours, warmth and excitement it brings.

Declara logoDeclara logo2
“The inspiration behind the colour palette was essentially the brand’s colourful creations. The aim was to create a fun, young yet powerful world for Declara, which was also reflected on the logo and typography choices.”

“For the typography, the typeface Marisa was used for the titles. It is an elegant typeface with wavy ligatures. The typeface choice represents the elegant nature of the brand, while the wavy parts of the letters resemble sea waves and are in line with the logo design,” Yeraz explained.

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These business cards were printed by Lajans Matbaacilik, a printing company in Istanbul, Turkey. The cards were offset-printed on 320g ivory paper using Pantone colors.

Declara business card2Declara stationeryDeclara envelope and letterDeclara tissue paper and stickers Declara packaging_designDeclara packaging design Declara clothing tag

Designed by Yeraz Gokbas

Printed by Lajans Matbaacilik

For Declara

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