Daisy Chains Pet Apparel Business Card

Daisy Chains Pet Apparel business card

Lucy’s Logos designed these business cards for Daisy Chains Pet Apparel, a pet apparel retail brand based in Wellington, New Zealand, selling everything from collars and leashes to poop bag holders.

“The inspiration behind the brand name came from the business owner’s dog, Daisy, and we wanted everything to be both pet and parent friendly,” Lucy explained. “Something fun to look at but still smart.”

Speaking of the typography and the adorable illustrations, Lucy said, “The two fonts we use in the logo are Quincy and Barriol, both really simple but stylish fonts.”

“The illustration started with Rupert – the mascot dog – who is now featured on the back of the cards. We decided not to use this as the main logo in the end, instead he’s now a submark and gets put on cute marketing materials.”

Daisy Chains business cards


“Then, we made the pattern of the Daisy’s to match the name. We later made a paw one too so we almost had a boy and girl version of them.”

“We’ve also got a pattern that features both Daisy’s and Paws together. We wanted it all to be vibrant and child friendly (after all, dogs do count as children) so a similar process to designing a children’s clothing brand applied in terms of style and colours.”

These business cards were printed by Moo. The paper choice was carefully selected in order to fit the brand image beautifully.

“Daisy Chains has all eco-friendly packaging so we used Moo’s Cotton 100% recycled paper for them – to go with everything else. They have a lovely natural feel and texture to them, so you know they’re eco-friendly without really having to tell people! The colours also come out so amazing on this (uncoated) paper – so bright and exactly what we wanted for the brand,” Lucy explained.

Daisy Chains Pet Apparel business cardsDaisy Chains Pet Apparel stationery Daisy Chains stationery


Designed by Lucy’s Logos

Printed by MOO

For Daisy Chains Pet Apparel

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