Ciklo Solar Power Business Card

Kaiko Oliveira designed these business cards for Ciko, a company that aims to bring clean, sustainable, accessible and unlimited energy to all businesses.

Ciklo, which is based in Recife, Brazil, believes that switching to solar power should be both affordable and simple. The focus should be on people and the environment, and the company should do good, and benefit other businesses and people.

The business card is designed to be minimalist yet modern, and to convey a message of sustainability.

Ciklo logo_1


An eagle can be seen in the letter “o” of the brand name. “The eagle is a solar and celestial animal. It’s also a universal symbol of power, strength, authority, victory and spiritual protection,” Kaiko explained.

“Like the Phoenix, which is reborn from its own ashes, it can be considered a symbol of spiritual regeneration.”

As for the circle patterns on the card, they represent the sun, which is the source of solar energy. The logo typography was developed by Kaiko from scratch, starting with the circles.

Ciklo branding

Urbanist (for titles and subtitles) and Montserrat (for body text) are two other typographies used in the visual identity.

Green tones and white are the colours used in the visual identity. According to Kaiko, the idea was to represent life, something natural and sustainable.

These business cards were printed in 4×4 colour on 250g couche paper by Zap Gráfica.

Ciklo business cardsCiklo tote bags

Ciklo circles patternCiklo postersCiklo poster_1Ciklo posters_2
Ciklo logo2

Designed by Kaiko Oliveira

Printed by Zap Gráfica

For Ciklo

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