Chris Bailey Business Card

Chris Bailey is a productivity author, speaker and consultant based in Canada. He worked with his designer, Sinisa Sumina to create these cards for his own personal branding. When asked about the design process and inspiration of this design,

“I wanted something simple that was still vibrant and fun and fitting with my personality! Sinisa adapted the logo of my site to be the feature on the front and back of the business card. The shade of blue used on the card—Pantone 306C—is the exact same one that’s on my book.” Chris said.

These business cards were printed by Elegante Press on 100% cotton, 640gsm paper. Two techniques were used when printing the cards: one side printed in letterpress while the other side, in silkscreen. The latter was used in order to cover large areas of solid color (flooded side), which if applied letterpress technique, may leave the paper buckling and the coating look uneven. Thanks to Elegante Press’s solution, Chris is able to present his business card just as how it was designed – with the flooded side of the card being completely flat and matte like paper, while the letterpress side giving that clean, professional impression!

Designed by Chris Bailey and Sinisa Sumina

Printed by Elegante Press

For Chris Bailey personal branding

Business Card Printing
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