Bonnie Kaestner Artist Business Card

Bonnie Kaestner business cards

Natasha Brady designed these business cards for Bonnie Kaestner, a fine art watercolour artist from Karratha, Western Australia.

“Bonnie’s work is refined and to a fine art standard, so her logo needed to reflect her style. A ‘BK’ monogram was created to give sophistication to her identity. It had to be a monogram that showed a balance between bold and delicate. A classy and memorable Identity,” Natasha said.

Bonnie Kaestner logoBonnie Kaestner logo2

Not only that, Natasha also added a few touches to the logo.

“There is something truly special and unique about bringing a client’s own work into the designs: Bonnie had some floral sketches that I took into Photoshop and separated. I created them into transparent PNG files and rearranged them in Illustrator. Then, I took the monogram and placed it amongst the florals,” she added.

The outcome is absolutely stunning and elegant!

The colour palette was inspired from the Pilbara coast Pantone 7474 C, Pantone 7569 C.

The square layout is the perfect choice for these business cards. According to Natasha, she chose square cards to frame the identity conspicuously and they have been printed on a matt finish 420gsm weighted premium artboard.

Bonnie Kaestner business cards

Designed by Natasha Brady at Telling Designs

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For Bonnie Kaestner

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