Bombay Scarlett Restaurant Business Card

Bombay Scarlett business card

Vighnesh Dudani designed these business cards for Bombay Scarlett, a restaurant owned by an Indian chef named Kim Gill who’s residing in London, the UK who plans to soon launch her takeaway kitchen that will be serving Indian vegan food to its customers.

“The design for the business card was inspired by historical Indian works of art/architecture which had a lot of intricate repetitive details as used on the card,” Vighnesh said.

Bombay Scarlett 5Bombay Scarlett logo
Explaining more about the brand’s logo and patterns used, he continued, “The logo and designs take their inspirations from ancient works of art and architecture, such as the intricate patterns found on the walls of historical landmarks in the Middle East and India.”

“The colours and overall look were chosen to reflect on a maroon leather diary that holds the recipes to traditional Indian dishes that were passed down to the client (Chef Kim Gill) through generations.”

Bombay Scarlett order formBombay Scarlett containerBombay Scarlett container2
“The biggest challenge we face when it comes to a takeaway kitchen is that the customer rarely interacts with the restaurant directly, hence fewer opportunities to leave an impression, which isn’t the case for dine-in services. Therefore, we decided to utilize the packaging and cutlery to impress our customers while standing out from the crowd.”

“For instance, we went all out and specially designed containers that inspired from the typical Indian tiffin, known as dabba.”

These business cards were printed by Alpha Prints via embossing and offset printing methods.

Bombay Scarlett business card1Bombay Scarlett packagingBombay Scarlett bagBombay Scarlett poster

Designed by Vighnesh Dudani


Printed by Alpha Prints

For Bombay Scarlett (Kim Gill)

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