Boldina Interior Design Business Card

Boldina Design business card

Evelina Hatsa designed these business cards for Boldina Design, an interior design studio based in Odesa, Ukraine.

The idea was to create a business card design that was as simple as possible, but still stylish enough to catch the eye of potential clients.

Evelina wanted to create a logo that would convey a variety of meanings through a single symbol. Among these are the brand’s initial “B”, an inverted silhouette of the house icon, and a floor plan or layout of the apartment.

Boldina Design logo1Boldina Design logo

The typeface used in the visual identity is Poppins.

The colour palette is chosen so that there’s an association with natural materials such as terracotta and concrete. These are the colours you’re most likely to see in architectural design work. To add contrast, a darker shade of grey has been used.

Evelina recommended having the business cards printed on thick cardboard with matte finish.

Boldina Design business cards_2Boldina Design StationeryBoldina Design postersBoldina Design digital media Boldina Design hard hatBoldina Design books

Designed by Evelina Hatsa

For Boldina Design

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