Bohosi Business Card

Bohosi business cards

Marka Collective designed these business cards for Bohosi, a new boho chic clothing brand with 100% handmade products.

The client approached Marka Collective for the branding project, including graphic & packaging design and other collaterals.

“Living a boho lifestyle means to be free and always be yourself. This is the beauty of boho thinking – there are no rules or time restrictions. We are all children of the moon and we all live for the present!” explained Nuray Nuri, the graphic designer at Marka Collective.

Bohosi branding3Bohosi logo
“For the visual language, we had to come up with something recognizable and at the same time in complete contrast with the dynamic and colourful style of the boho movement. Therefore, a simple logotype was created, combining the boho elements.”

By using nice structured papers and printing techniques, Marka Collective was able to give Bohosi’s packaging and materials a touch of personality.

Bohosi business cards2Bohosi business card3Bohosi tag2
“With their simplicity, they stand out among the colourful dresses and instead of being intrusive, they create a balance where everything lives in harmony,” Nuri said.

These duplexed business cards were printed by Stemaprint with gold hot foil on both sides.

Bohosi business cardBohosi brandingBohosi thank you cardBohosi pins2Bohosi pinsBohosi packaging design Bohosi branding2

Designed by Marka Collective

Printed by Stemaprint

For Bohosi

Business Card Printing
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