BloomboxCo Flower Subscription Business Card

Appart_ designed these business cards for BloomboxCo, an organic flower subscription and delivery platform located in Sydney and Melbourne.

Bloombox allows customers to order and customize flower bouquets before delivering them to their doorsteps.

The flowers used are fresh, stylish seasonal flowers from Australian growers. You can either send the flowers as gifts or for decorating your own home!

“The project objective was to consolidate through graphics the brand values which had to represent a sustainable modern concept,” said Miquel Padrés, the Managing Director of Appart_ studio.

“The brand identity represents handcrafted values through organic shapes, patterns and illustrations. A visual pictogram system was also created to communicate the farm origin of the flowers.”

“Our packaging design team creates a craft delivery box with a circular window to display the product before the unboxing.”


The client handled the business card printing herself in Australia.

“We gave directions on how to print and what materials to use – thick paper with a rough recycled paper texture that would align with the brand values of sustainable farming,” Miquel added.

BloomboxCo business card_1

Designed by Appart_

For BloomboxCo

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