Aurium Architecture Business Card

Aurium business card

Klayton Fadul designed these business cards for Aurium Arquitetura, an architecture firm that integrates projects in the most varied areas such as Modular Architecture, Construction Licensing and Home Automation.

“Simple, unique, sophisticated and memorable were some of the main objectives in creating the brand,” Klayton said. “Aurium was built based on the golden ratio (which is a special number that approximately equals 1.618) that is associated with architecture.”

Aurium logo_greenAurium logo construction
Klayton designed the business card using contrast colours and straight lines. The logo is a simple yet meaningful one, combined from several geometrical shapes that associated with the brand itself. A repeated pattern of the logo is then used across the brand collateral, including the business cards.

Aurium_1Aurium colour palette
“The colour palette used in the visual identity was based on a request from the client who said that it was identified with the combination of red and green, which together transmit creativity and professionalism!”

These sophisticated business cards are yet to be printed but if they were, “The cards will be printed on uncoated textured offset paper,” Klayton suggested.

Aurium business card Aurium stationery Aurium_2 Aurium stationery design

Designed by Klayton Fadul

For Aurium Arquitetura

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