August Bioscience Business Card

August Bioscience business cards

Lianne Mendes designed these business cards for August Bioscience, a clean beauty brand that is conscious, sustainable and vegan friendly.

The overall design is very sensual, sophisticated and minimal. Apart from that, August Bioscience is a very environment-conscious brand. Therefore, it’s wise for the card design to embrace a clean, natural and minimal approach.

August Bioscience productAugust Bioscience logo
Speaking of the typography and colours used in the visual identity, Lianne said, “The typeface used for the logotype is Goku. It follows this same sensual, luxurious mood the brand identity is built on.”

“In India, the month of August is peak monsoon season. Hence, we wanted to keep the colour palette very lush and green to capture that feeling.”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “They would be printed using an embossed printing method. The paper will have a beautiful natural fiber texture to it,” Lianne suggested.

August Bioscience business cardsAugust Bioscience secondary logoAugust Bioscience tote bagsAugust Bioscience product labelsAugust Bioscience packaging designAugust Bioscience packagingAugust Bioscience products

Designed by Lianne Mendes

For August Bioscience

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