Amelia Wiliams Nannying Business Card

Aaron Coltman designed these business cards for Amelia Wiliams Nannying, a Cotswolds-based nanny service, providing fully insured childcare and nannying.

“Amelia wanted a functional but playful logo with a distinctive professional flare. This was achieved through the use of strong typefaces and colour choices,” Aaron said.

Amelia Wiliams Nannying logo

Amelia Wiliams Nannying business card3

The business card design is minimal yet classy, with proper typography and delicate colours to express the brand effectively.

“The key inspiration was taken from middle class households, utilising a blush pink and deep navy, with accents of off-white paper stock, but still upholding a somewhat playful approach.”

The typography used in the visual identity is Restora, which according to Aaron, “It’s a mix of old-style roman serif styles combining beautiful letterforms, making Restora a versatile type family that can be used for a variety of projects.”

These business cards are yet to be printed, but if they were, “I would specify a subtle textured, heavy weighted paper stock, adding a feeling of security and solidity, reassuring the customer of the services being provided and solidifying the brand message,” Aaron suggested.

Amelia Wiliams Nannying business card Amelia Wiliams Nannying digital media


Designed by Aaron Coltman at Coltman Design

For Amelia Wiliams Nannying

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