1418 Jewellery Business Card

1418 business card

Emily Stevens designed these business cards for 1418 (Fourteen Eighteen), a jeweller based in Wellington, New Zealand, making subtly sculptural pieces.

“1418’s brand image expresses that they make subdued, organic, yet striking jewellery. Their mission is to create pieces that bring simple beauty into the daily life of the wearer, and to uplift wearers of all backgrounds and shapes,” Emily said.

1418 Necklace

1418 logotype

The business card is designed to deliver a natural, elegant vibe. The typography used for the logotype is called Digestive, a typeface by Studio Triple. By using a unique type, the brand is able to stand out and be memorable to its audience.

“As for the colour palette, it draws from the natural materials that inspire 1418’s work: red clay and soft sand. The logo and pattern reflect the undulating shapes seen in their jewellery.”

These business cards were printed on textured 300gsm Conqueror paper using standard digital printing, matching to selected Pantones. They were printed by The Big Picture, a printing company in Wellington, New Zealand.

1418 business card & earring cards1418-tags

1418 Earrings1418 info cards

Designed by Emily Stevens Studio

Printed by The Big Picture

For 1418

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