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Buono Pasta Shop Business Card

Aliz Borsa designed these business cards for Buono, a premium olive oil and pasta shop located in Budapest, Hungary.

“The company is owned by Giuseppe Scaricamazza, a well-recognized Italian-Hungarian merchant from Teramo, Italy. He owns a small shop downtown Budapest filled with the best available Italian delicacies,” Aliz said.

Buono pasta packaging Buono products

Logo & Design Inspirations

Aliz managed the entire branding project including designing the logo, packaging, vouchers, loyalty cards, business cards and other collaterals.

Aliz and Giuseppe’s collaboration started in 2014. They continued to improve the brand years after that, with the client’s open-mindedness and desire for premium quality, the cooperation was a successful one.

“For the brand identity, Giuseppe requested us to draw inspirations from the maiolica ceiling in the little church of San Donato outside Castelli – close to his native place in the region of Abruzzo.”

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The majolica tiled ceiling was created by the Castelli ceramists in the sixteenth century, with iconography of the ceiling made up of plants, animals, symbols, portraits, sacred images etc.

“The brand’s main symbol is a bird holding an olive branch. There is one tile in the ceiling with the bird and Giuseppe had one copy of this tile in his shop. When I visited him and saw the tile, it caught my eye instantly. So, I started to work with it. I drew the olive branch in its beak to represent the heritage as well as the business side of the client,” Aliz explained.

Buono branding inspirationBuono logo

Typography and Colours

The typeface used in the visual identity is Chaparral Pro (Adobe font), beautifully-designed by Carol Twombly. According to Aliz, it complements the illustrations well and has a gastronomical feel to it. Plus, it works perfectly in different sizes due to the available optical sizes.

“As for the colour palette, it was inspired from the paintings of the tiles and the colours of the products. They are a perfect match to the branding!”

Buono business cards

Business Card Printing

“We had another version of the business cards – a colourful one – and both the client and the costumers liked it but I felt the need to design one which is more playful and works better with the other elements of the identity.”

These business cards were digitally-printed by Digitalpress, a printing company in Budapest.

“The paper used is Keaykolour Particle Moonlight 100% recycled, 300 g/m² and its small sparkling particles add a sophisticated detail to the final result,” Aliz said.

Buono_business cardBuono voucher2Buono voucherBuono loyalty cardsBuono loyalty cards2Buono bookmarksBuono tote bagsBuono packaging paperBuono packaging design3 Buono logo2Buono product labels

Designed by Aliz Borsa

Printed by Digitalpress

For Buono

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