Bud Floral Design business cards

Bud Floral Design Business Card

The Dairy Studio designed these business cards for Bud Floral Design, a florist named Nicola Miller who provides beautiful flowers for events, weddings and gifting.

The florist business cards are elegant and classy. Using flower illustrations as one of the main elements, it clearly explains the business, not just with drawings but through tactile as well.

Bud Floral Design is a freelance wedding florist based in Exmouth, Devon, but covering all areas of the South West.


A Contemporary Brand Image

The brand offers custom floral styling services according to the clients’ needs. However, the brand owner, Nicola, has a preference for beautifully harmonious colour palettes and lots of gorgeous textures.

Nicola loves the way that flowers can evoke emotion, express personalities, and create breathtaking atmospheres at the most special occasions in life.

Therefore, although her business cards may look simple and minimal, they still exude elegance and have a contemporary feel thanks to the print finishes.


Logo Design and Floral Illustration

The rose illustrations on the business cards portray the brand’s main business of creating beautiful bespoke wedding flowers.

While one of the roses is gold-foiled, another can be seen on the back with a debossed effect, hence the tactile experience.

According to Lizzie, the owner of The Dairy Studio, the beautiful floral illustration was provided by the client’s friend, and together with the printing studio’s popular pale stone paper, it’s a dreamy combination at its best!

Bud Floral Design business card


Typography and Colour Palette

Lizzie opted for a simple and modern typeface that works well with the existing logo.

On the back of the card, the brand name appears in both lowercase and capital letters, which adds visual appeal that one can instantly notice.

The differences between the names, from their font size, positioning and serif/sans serif letter styles, were perfectly balanced out by a debossed floral illustration in the centre of the business card.

“I chose a mixture of uppercase and lowercase to sit inline with Bud Florals brand aesthetics which are contemporary, minimal and sophisticated,” Lizzie said.

On the front of the business card, the company’s tagline “making your floral dreams a reality” curves around the top of the logo, providing yet another intriguing visual element.

As for the colour palette, the brand’s contemporary and minimal aesthetic is reflected in the neutral, earthy tones.


The Printing of Business Cards & Note Cards

These business cards were printed in-house using gold foil and blind debossing on 700gsm pale stone paper stock.

“I suggested both techniques as they were in keeping with the client’s branding: contemporary and minimal aesthetics,” Lizzie explained.

In the same style as the business cards, The Dairy Studio also designed and printed note cards for Bud Floral Design by combining the gold foil illustration with the pale stone heavyweight paper.

Overall, this is an eye-catching business card design for a friendly and professional business owner. So much personality and attention to detail, not to mention a fantastic minimalist business card design without losing its sophistication.


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Bud Floral Design note card

Designed & Printed by Lizzie at The Dairy Studio

For Bud Floral Design

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