brulerie-de-varenne coffee business card

Brûlerie de Varenne Coffee Shop Business Card

Studio Fables designed these business cards for Brûlerie de Varenne, a French coffee shop located in Rue de Varenne, Paris.

Studio Fables was drawn to the idea of applying simplicity when designing the visual identity,

“The client’s wide selection of coffees and the warmth conveyed by their passionate staff have inspired Studio Fables to create a minimalist visual identity, stripped of any ornament,” said Laurent Tacco, the Digital Designer of Studio Fables.

“The Brûlerie de Varenne logo was composed of a few coffee beans and then been transformed into a playful pattern on the packagings, the shelves… and on the business cards.”

These business cards were printed by MEP.

Let it be the colour palette or the repeating coffee bean pattern, all worked out perfectly to express the brand’s enthusiasm in providing some of the best coffees in the world!

Designed by Studio Fables

Printed by MEP

For Brûlerie de Varenne

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