Brokian business cards

Brokian Digital Business Card

Rowen™ Brand Agency designed these business cards for Brokian, a digital company based in Rosario, Argentina.

“They have a website-creating platform for the Real Estate sector. Its main and most remarkable feature it’s their artificial intelligence. Their sites rely on Magic Learning technology that allows real estate agencies to improve the usability and experience of the clients and to increase the productivity of their companies,” said Geronimo Alzamora, the Creative Director at Rowen™ Brand Agency.

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“Our work began with creation of a naming that comes from the word ‘Broker’ and the acronym IA (Inteligencia Artificial – Artificial Intelligence). A short, easy to remember (and to pronounce) name for both English and Spanish speaking markets.”

“Once the naming had been approved, we started working on the brand identity. With the idea of creating a simple and modern universe, we created their world based on simply shaped objects but also referring to the digital world and to the simplicity when it comes to creating these sites.”

“At the same time, these elements came together to define a highly flexible and adjustable identity, which granted the brand the possibility of having a dynamic, distinctive and versatile way of communicating.”

Speaking of the colour palette used in the visual identity, Geronimo continued, “We worked with a vibrant palette settled on a neutral black base that imposed a quota of technicism and professionalism to the visual identity making it even more remarkable.”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “The cards will be printed using colour screen-printing technique on Sirio Ultra Black paper,” Geronimo suggested.

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Designed by Rowen™ Brand Agency

For Brokian

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