Bon Juice business_card

BonJuice Business Card

Amit Miron designed these business cards for BonJuice, a juice brand that taps into the increasing desire for consumers to live a healthier lifestyle.

“BonJuice views each interaction as a valued opportunity to connect and make a positive impact on someone’s life. It is committed to serve our communities the highest quality organic ingredients Mother Nature has to offer,” Amit said.

BonJuice logoBonJuice logo2
Speaking of the inspiration behind the visual identity, she continued, “I focused on the creativity of health and nutrition. This aim stretched throughout the strategy of the project, from naming, identity and packaging design to brand communications.”

BonJuice packaging4BonJuice branding
The business card design has an interesting contrast effect – grey/white with fruit outlines on the front while striking orange/green pattern on the back.

“The design concept is combining colourful fruit elements that blend into each other and creates something new. A combination of organic pattern versus rigid form, makes a contrast in the design.”

BonJuice branding2
These business cards are not printed but if they were, “My expectation for the card size is 3.5 x 2-inch, rectangle. I would like the card to make an impression when I hand it to someone. So, it might be thicker than a normal, nicely textured card,” Amit suggested.

“Luxurious business cards leave a more lasting impact and can make business introductions more effective and memorable than a thin one.”

Bon Juice business_cardsBonJuice business cardBonJuice stationeryBonJuice stationery2 BonJuice packaging3BonJuice packaging2BonJuice packaging5 BonJuice digital media

Designed by Amit Miron

For BonJuice

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