Bombay Beauty Loft business card

Bombay Beauty Loft Business Card

Badal Patel designed these business cards for Bombay Beauty Loft, a beauty salon in Calgary, Alberta that takes practices from the East and combines it with techniques of the West.

Badal was tasked to build a cohesive and compelling visual brand story for Bombay Beauty Loft (BBL). While doing research for the brand, Badal noticed that this crossover of cultures can also be seen during the little-known, yet influential, era of Bombay Deco.

“During the 1940’s, Western architecture and aesthetics were brought to the city, creating a time of glamour and opulence. This Art Deco movement and crossover of culture served as inspiration for BBL’s colour palette and typography,” Badal said.

Bombay Beauty Loft branding
The playful typography and the use of geometric shapes make the brand looking fresh and memorable. The font used for the brand name is called Sackers classic roman.

“You can see that here with the geometric motifs and Art Deco-y colour palette. To keep the brand current and modern, I designed with the intention of nodding to the era without making it feel dated or vintage.” And that’s not all.

Bombay Beauty Loft appointment card
“I had fun coming up with this subtle play on words for their appointment cards: BBL, is it short for Bombay Beauty Loft OR Be Back Later?”

“It’s actually both!” Badal confirmed.

Bombay Beauty Loft business cardBombay Beauty Loft stationery Bombay Beauty Loft

Designed by Badal Patel

For Bombay Beauty Loft

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