Bodeando business card

Bodeando Wedding Planner Business Card

Tamara designed these business cards for Bodeando, a wedding planning business owned by Jenn.

“Jenn already had her brand designed by another designer many years ago but she doesn’t have the vectorized logo from the previous designer,” Tamara said.

“Therefore, I was faced with the challenge of creating something unique and different for the business cards.”

Bodeando business cards

“After working with many ideas – playing with shapes and colours – I designed a card in which one of its sides/corners is curved. It is made up of two papers of 300g each (one white and one nude) forming a single card.”

Apart from that, Tamara also added little flower illustrations on both sides of the card to give a nice, elegant touch to the overall design.

“Bodeando is a company that aims to serve couples who want authentic, unique weddings and takes care of every detail. That’s why of its irregular card shape, soft colours and the personality of letterpress-printing.”

These business cards were printed by El Calotipo, an artisan printing company which according to Tama, takes great care of each job and made her design tangible.

The logo and flower illustrations were letterpress-printed in rose gold foil.

Bodeando business cards2

Designed by Tamara at La Re Pera Design Studio

Printed by El Calotipo

For Bodeando

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