Bluelass Tattoo Business Card

Stephen White designed these business cards for Bluelass Tattoo, a tattoo parlour in Falkirk, Central Scotland.

“My client, Zara Dickson, the owner of Bluelass Tattoo, came to me to design her first ever tattoo studio that she was opening in Falkirk, Scotland in the UK. Zara gave me pretty much free rein to brand her studio that she named herself. She did, however, know that she wanted her studio to be a twist on conventional studio’s in the UK that can unfortunately appear inaccessible to the general public due to dark colour palettes and obstructive branding. So this was the main inspiration for the overall design,” Stephen explained.

During the design process, Stephen knew that the overall brand should be traditional at heart as a nod to Zara’s profession, but should also be seen as a modern studio through the use of a vibrant colour palette.

“Utilizing a typeface that we customized to give it a more unique feel, we managed to achieve a traditional tattoo studio inspired word mark with flourishes that add character to the brand and reflect the fun nature of the client Zara. We employed an ornate design based on old traditional tattoo studio flourishes to act as a complex textural background to the master logo and main applications such as business cards, appointment cards and gift vouchers which helps elevate the brand and ads to the overall look and feel. These can also be employed for other collateral such as posters, social posts etc.”

These business cards were printed by Awesome Merchandise. According to Stephen, “They offered a wide range of not only stationary print, but other items such as stickers and t-shirts that Bluelass Tattoo sell through their shop. I believe that my client opted for the Heavyweight business card option for both business card and appointment card.”

“As this was my clients first time running her own business and we knew that she would need a mass order of cards, we opted to keep them simple when it came to print. There was no use of spot varnish or foiling, however. We ensured that the cards were the heavyweight option that give a luxurious feel with a subtle texture, and are sturdy to ensure the cards can stand up to being written on as well as serving in a wallet for a duration before her clients are meant to be tattooed.”

It’s a well thought-out business card design that not only expresses the brand’s vibrant, fun, approachable image, but also successfully reflects the owner’s personality and expertise as well.

Designed by Stephen White

Printed by Awesome Merchandise

For Bluelass Tattoo

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