Blue Atlas business card

Blue Atlas Restaurant Business Card

Bridgit Kreutzer designed these business cards for Blue Atlas Restaurant and Market, a casual neighbourhood hangout with a welcoming atmosphere in Richmond, Virginia.

According to Bridgit, the inspiration for the restaurant’s concept came from the owners’ shared love of cooking, traveling and cultural anthropology.


“Blue Atlas offers communal dining, shared plates are encouraged, and bringing global culture to the table is emphasized. The name is a nod to the large blue atlas tree situated in front of the restaurant.”

“An illustration of the restaurant’s tree and the custom drawn typeface are inspired by vintage postcards. The lettering is strong enough to stand alone but also complimentary when used with the tree. The colour palette is rich and vibrant — modern colours inspired by spices, flavours and travel.”

These business cards were printed on matte bright white paper in full colour by Printswell.

“We did not go for anything too fancy because they needed a large quantity to distribute to the surrounding neighbourhood, so this may not be applicable,” Bridgit said.

BlueAtlas-Cards4BlueAtlas-Cards3BlueAtlas-Cards1BlueAtlasMarket logoBlueAtlas-submark-3Blue Atlas brandingBlueAtlas-Cards5BlueAtlas-Cards2

Designed by Bridgit Kreutzer at BK+Co

Printed by Printswell

For Blue Atlas Restaurant and Market

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