Bleu Fuchsia architecture business cards

Bleu Fuchsia Architecture Business Card

Studio Vacarme designed these business cards for Bleu Fuchsia, an architecture studio based in Nice, France.

Bleu Fuchsia specialises in the art of interior architecture as well as the resale of curated design furnishings and decorative objects. Studio Vacarme created the studio’s visual identity, from naming, logo, and stationery design.

Upon first glance, it’s easy to be captivated by this business card’s artistic and dynamic vibe.

The creative use of the letters “l” and “s” in the brand name is what truly sets this typographic business card apart from its competitors!


Brand Image

Explaining the idea behind the business card design, Margaux Giron, the co-founder of Studio Vacarme said, “From the initial concept to the precise form, the rigorous process of architectural creativity encompasses each of these stages.”

“The aim is to capture these phases within the logo: a stable typography with assertive and established forms, and a signature that suggests the authenticity of an architectural firm as well as the sketching of lines.”

“When combined, these elements create a unique association that highlights the complementary nature of the name Bleu Fuchsia.”

Bleu Fuchsia architecture logotypeBleu Fuchsia architecture_logo


Logo Design and Typography

The logo is more than just a visual symbol. Margaux explained that the typography was custom-designed specifically for Bleu Fuchsia.

“The logo emphasises the distinctiveness of each project inherent to an architectural firm.”

“It is built on the principle of duality. It explores the fusion of a stable typographic base with a refined ligature principle, reminiscent of an architect’s signature.”

“The secondary logo follows the same dynamic as the primary logo, creating an abstract representation of the initials of Bleu Fuchsia.”


Colour Palette and Business Card Printing

Studio Vacarme selected colours (mauve, white) that can harmonise with any architectural project.

The aim is to have an identifying palette that doesn’t overshadow the images from the architectural projects.

For business card printing, Studio Vacarme opted to have the cards printed on Colorplan paper with a finish of white hot stamping.

Overall, this is a classy business card design that not only reflects the brand’s core values but also elevates its image as the true frontrunner in terms of style and modernity.


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Designed by Studio Vacarme

For Bleu Fuchsia

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