Bio Culinária Saudável business cards

Bio Culinária Saudável Business Card

LovHer Studio designed these business cards for Bio Culinária Saudável, a healthy homemade food brand based in Vitória, Brazil.

Bio Culinária Saudável (or Bio Healthy Cuisine) aims to provide delicious and healthy cuisine for customers.

All of their food products are sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb and full of flavour.

Their business cards are vibrantly designed with a colourful palette and botanical elements.


Brand Image

The owners of Bio Healthy Cuisine put a lot of care and effort into their products, so it’s essential to reflect these qualities in their visual identity.

“The business cards need to convey artisanal work and food made with love from the owners, while at the same time having a professional and sophisticated look,” said Livia Hermanny, the graphic designer at LovHer Studio.

Bio Culinária Saudável stationery design


Typography and Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is based on Sauvage Regular with some modifications.

“The client requested a clean logo with some personality in it.”

“The brand name had to be clear and legible as well, so the font choice was perfect to achieve that.”

Regarding the colour palette, Livia said that it had to be colourful but still sophisticated, and within the business segment.

“The touches of green were inspired by the foliage, which is represented in many ways in this identity.”

Bio Culinária Saudável logo


Botanical Illustrations and Stamps

The foliage illustrations (and stamp) can be seen on the contact details side of the business cards.

“All the illustrations were hand-drawn, and they complement the healthy characteristics that we wish to depict in this project,” Livia said.

The stamps were created and used as a way of giving a ‘seal of approval’ for the client’s brand, as this is part of our way of ensuring quality products.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Even though these business cards haven’t been printed yet, LovHer Studio suggested that they be printed in a simple way.

“We thought it would be best to keep the business card simple, in keeping with the brand’s concept of artisanal homemade food.”

“Therefore, we’d consider printing the business cards on thick paper with painted edges.”


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Designed by LovHer Studio

For Bio Culinária Saudável (Bio Healthy Cuisine)

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