Biklops Branding business card

Biklops Branding Business Card

Jeff Immer and Ian Tirone designed these business cards for their digitally-minded branding agency named Biklops.

“The client was the design agency we used to own together,” Jeff explained.

“We wanted to be an expressive, far-out, psychedelic design studio that’s pushing boundaries and creating the unexpected.”

“Our inspirations were fine art, weird music, and the work of designers from the 1960s.”

It’s particularly smart to use a bold typeface for the name as it stands out instantly, despite a milder choice of colour combination on the front.

The striking colours and logo on the back are a perfect match, making this a trendy visual identity that screams for attention!

These business cards were printed by Oubly.

“We got these printed SUPER thick with matching edge painting. They’re gorgeous in person!” Jeff said.


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Biklops Branding business card

Designed by Jeff Immer and Ian Tirone

Printed by Oubly

For Biklops

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