Bien Avec Mon Corps businesscard

Bien Avec Mon Corps Non-Profit Business Card

Camille Scheemaecker designed these business cards for Bien Avec Mon Corps, an non-profit organisation that aims to help people feel better about their body and have a better self-confidence.

Approached by Stéphanie Léonard, the founder of the organisation, Camille handled the visual identity and web design of the brand.

“Bien Avec Mon Corps (‘Well With My Body’) is an organisation that helps people feel better in their bodies and have better self-confidence. Therefore, we are in a graphic environment that is good, with rich and complementary colours, where we appreciate the differences in shapes and put them forward. All the colours are completely different but work so well together, just like the individuals that make up a society. Curved shapes, more straight forms, all in uniformity,” Camille said.

Bien Avec Mon Corps website design
“The brand wants to visually demonstrate the values and objectives of the organisation: openness, dynamism, confidence, movement, differences, joy, optimism and change. The logo is voluntarily built with a sans serif font and a handwritten font. Once again, a desire to show that different things can come together perfectly and that we need differences to create balance.”

These business cards were printed by Jukebox via regular CMYK print on Silk Matte Plus 20pt paper with orange coloured edges.

Bien Avec Mon Corps businesscard

Designed by Camille Scheemaecker at Schmak Design

Printed by Jukebox

For Bien Avec Mon Corps

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