Betty-Loves-Vintage wedding stylist business cards

Betty Loves Vintage Business Card

Vicky Perry-Reed designed these business cards for Betty Loves Vintage, a wedding stylist located in Sussex who specialises in designing and styling creative, vintage weddings.

The founder, Helen, named her business name in honour of her grandmother, and she was passionate about all things vintage.

After her own wedding, Helen was inspired to work on more creative projects. Now, she styles fun, colourful, vintage weddings for her clients.

The combination of pastel colours and lovely floral illustrations gives the business card design an attractive, sweet-vintage feel.

“The brand image being projected through the business card design was all about expressing the eclectic mix of a vintage style with a modern take,” Vicky said.

Betty-Loves-Vintage wedding stylist logo


Floral Illustrations & Logo Design

According to Vicky, the logo is hand drawn to represent the personal connection the brand has with its customers and to create a truly distinct style from their competitors.

Additionally, the logo has that summery and hands-on feel, which fits with Helen’s wedding styling business.

By using illustrations of flowers, the brand has a more feminine feel while still giving off an artistic vibe.

We asked Vicky about the inspiration behind the drawing, she replied, “When creating the brand design for Betty Loves Vintage, it was all about projecting a vintage style with a fresh perspective.”

“One of Betty Loves Vintage’s most popular products is their up-cycled chair covers made with vintage fabrics, which I designed into the pattern design you can see on the business card.”

“This was to highlight their unique stance within the wedding industry and show how they love to mix the old with the new.”

Betty Loves Vintange stationery


Modern Typography & Soft Colours

While the logotype was custom-designed, Garamond was used for the other parts of the logo, with its being a classic style that matched the brand values really well.

The body text on the business card is Brandon Grotesque to again reflect that modern look to sit alongside the vintage elements.

As for the colours, Vicky explained that soft pastel colours were used for the brand design, which stemmed from the vintage products Betty Loves Vintage uses, such as traditional china tea cups, wedding flowers, vintage fabrics etc.

“The colours also align with the vintage wedding industry style, whilst giving a modern take when used alongside lots of white space and the dark grey from the logo/text,” she said.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by MOO with a soft touch finish.

Then, gold foil was applied to the logo to give the business cards that really nice tactile feel.


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Betty Loves Vintange logoBetty Loves Vintage floral illustrationBetty Loves Vintange stickers Betty Loves Vintange_instagram story

Designed by Vicky Perry-Reed

Printed by MOO

For Betty Loves Vintage

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